Jeanette Swofford grew up in the state of Washington,spent many
 summers in the Southwest, and has made her home in Minneapolis,
 Minnesota for the last 35 years.

 A versatile artist, Swofford has enjoyed the challenge of working in a
 variety of media and focusing on a number of different subjects. Her
 work includes floral watercolors, abstract oil and acrylic landscapes,
 collages, mixed media abstracts, and figurative work.

 In the painting process Swofford relies on some conscious planning but
 primarily on instinctual responses to the painting in progress. In her
 representational but abstract landscapes she combines land forms
 such as mountains, canyons and rivers to create dramatic land
 configurations with vibrant colors and textures. She invites the viewer
 to visually travel the land and pulls them into the scene created.
 These landscapes were once described as showing 'controlled
 freedom' and she sees the quote as descriptive of most of her work.

 Swofford's desire is to inspire by showing the beauty, energy, and
 excitement of color, textures, light and movement. Painting is for
 her a mixture of anticipation,exploration, hard work and satisfaction.

 A sure sense of color and composition, a surprising blend of strength
 and sensitivity, has spurred Swofford's acceptance as an accomplished
 and innovative artist.

 Swofford's work can be seen in various parts of the country in Radisson
 and Marriott hotel collections. A Marriot in Mt. Laurel, N.J., features two of her
 6'x 9' paintings in its lobby. General Mills, Control Data, Minneapolis       
  Federal Reserve Bank, Jorgenson Steel and the James Land
  Development Company, are among her many corporate collectors.
 She is also represented in a number of private collections.